The Most Expensive High School Football Stadium in America(2)


Allen has won two state titles in Texas high school's biggest division. It won the 2008 5A state title and the 2012 5A state title. It is one of only nine schools to have won multiple 5A state titles in football. 

The Allen program has produced professional football players such as J.D. Walton. Uzoma Nwachukwu and Steven Terrell are Allen graduates who recently signed with NFL teams as undrafted free agents.

Allen will typically produce two or three FBS recruits a year. Alabama quarterback Alec Morris and Arkansas running back Jonathan Williams played on the 2011 Allen squad. 

Sophomore quarterback Kyler Murray led Allen to a 15-1 record and state championship during its inaugural season in the new stadium. According to, he is considered one of the top quarterback prospects in the 2015 recruiting class and has already received scholarship offers from Ohio State, Clemson and Texas Tech. 

247Sports indicates that Brad North, a senior offensive lineman on the 2012 Allen team, will be playing at Northwestern in the fall.

Senior cornerback Mayomi Olootu explained that the stadium gives the team a slight advantage in the high-profile games.

"When you see such a big crowd like this week in and week out, then you go to the playoffs and play in front of a large crowd, it is just a normal game," Olootu said. 

No team in the state consistently draws crowds as big as the Allen Eagles do. 

When Allen built the new stadium, it was able to increase its season-ticket allotment from 5,000 to 8,300. 

According to Carroll, Allen played before a large crowd in every home game after the record-setting home opener.

"We had over 14,000 for every game, but under 18,000."

What's to Eat?


The Allen Eagle Stadium has three large concession stands and one smaller stand. The larger stands are each staffed by 40 people during a football game.

At a typical game, there will be 100 to 120 people serving food and drinks to the crowd. 

While at the game, high school football fans can feast on Dickey's Barbecue and Chick-fil-A. The facility also serves plenty of traditional fare, including an all-beef hot dog, hamburgers, pepperoni or cheese pizzas, pretzels and chili-cheese fries.

For the health-conscious, a "bistro box" that contains fresh fruit, assorted cheeses and crackers is offered. Anyone searching for caffeine will be happy to know that cappuccino is available at all four concession stands.

The big favorite among the high school students is the "Mega" chocolate-chip cookie, which is the size of a compact disc. Fans looking for more of a Texas feel will be happy to know that jalapeno-and-cheese sausage wraps are available at every game. 

The concession stands are run by nonprofit organizations as a fundraiser.

During a typical home game, each stand will bring in $30,000 in revenue. With 20 percent of that going to the organization running the stand, you can raise $6,000 for your favorite cause in a single Friday night. 

Not Just for Football


While built for football, Allen I.S.D. Stadium is used by several other sports as well. The stadium contains a practice facility for the wrestling team, which has won four straight state titles and produced 

There is a golf practice facility under the stands that is used by the men's and women's golf teams. The men's and women's soccer teams play some of their games at the stadium, too. 

There is also a weight room at the stadium that is used by all of the Allen athletes. The stadium was built for football games, but the entire athletic department profits from its existence. 

The Weight Room


Located under the home stands, the weight room is used year-round by all of the athletic teams at Allen High School. 

At 85 yards long and encompassing nearly 12,000 square feet, it rivals the weight facilities at most colleges.

Koroma feels that the location of the weight room at the nearby stadium is convenient for the players.

Oklahoma Tornado News, Photos and Videos

Oklahoma Tornado : Officials Hunt for 6 People Missing, Survey Damage

Wed, 22 May 2013

Six adults remain unaccounted for after the devastating tornado that tore through Moore, Okla., Monday, killing 24 people and destroying as many as 13,000 homes, officials said today. Authorities are working to determine whether the missing adults are buried in the rubble or simply "walked off,"

The Most Expensive High School Football Stadium in America

Facts About the Facility

Allen I.S.D. Stadium sits on a 72-acre plot of land. 

Allen High School has an enrollment of more than 5,600 students in grades nine through 12. It is the second-largest high school in the state. For comparison's sake, the undergraduate enrollment at Wake Forest University is 4,775 students. 

The price tag for the construction of this mega-stadium was $59.6 million.

Holding 18,000 seats, the stadium also features an HD video board for instant replay that is 75' by 45'. Some colleges, such as Baylor University in Waco, Texas (located more than an hour away from Allen), do not even have an instant-replay video board at their football games. 

Allen I.S.D. Stadium has 5,050 parking spaces and two end-zone activity plazas that can be rented on game days. The stadium also features 42 concession serving lines along with a three-level press box complete with filming decks for the media and coaches.  

When you walk into the stadium, it feels like you are walking into a college- or professional-football facility. The architecture and design of the stadium resembles that of the nearby Frisco minor-league ballpark.

If they built a high school football facility back in Roman times, it would look similar to Allen I.S.D. stadium.

How the Stadium Came to Be


Allen's previous stadium

It’s no secret football is life in Texas. When your community continues to grow and fans are forced to stand throughout the game, a change has to be made.

Enter a new stadium. 

Tim Carroll, who is the director of public relations for Allen I.S.D., said that it was simply a matter of supply and demand. 

He said the new stadium is Allen's fifth since it began playing football in the 1930s. The previous stadium, which had a capacity of 7,000, was built in 1976 when the school district had about 5,000 students. By 1995, when the district had 9,000 students, the stadium was "woefully inadequate."

Today, Allen has 19,800 students in the district. "So we got significantly larger, and all of our facilities got larger, but the stadium did not," Carroll said. The solution was to put temporary seating in the corners of the end zone and surrounding the field.

Carroll said that resulted in 7,000 temporary seats in addition to 7,000 permanent seats and standing room only at every game.

The plans for the new stadium began in 1995, when the city planners realized that the city was going to continue to grow.

"In 1995, we decided we were going to build a new high school, new performing arts center and new stadium,"

Residents of Moore, Okla., Gather to Pay Their Respects

In moore am cl, the first funerals for the people killed by the ef-5 tornado, some teachers returned to the scene of so much horror, three days after that direct hit twister outbreak. Abc's byron pitts is there tonight. Very good to see you. Reporter: Kindergarten teacher jennifer simons arrived back at plaza towers elementary for the first time since monday's tornado. Here, where seven children died, her six students live, shielded beneath her body, when an suv crashed through the ceiling of her classroom. I just tried to save them, and it crushed my arm and I'm okay with that. Reporter: The nightmare she endured and the bravery she displayed, caught on tape at neighboring briarwood schools, where other teachers battled darkness, fear, falling debris, and protected children. Reporter: Today many parent expressed their gratitude for all the teachers and students on what should have been the last day of school. She shielded with her own body to protect my daughter. You know, I'm never going to have any words to, you know, to repay her for what she did. Reporter: The first of 24 funerals 9-year-old antonia and layeria was laid to rest during a violent thunderstorm. I feel fortunate, but it hurts. What do you say to those parents? They didn't get to bring their kids home. Reporter: Ashlyn and the others were given backpacks with goodies for the summer. Her sadness hidden behind a smile. Three of my friends had siblings that died and none of them were there. I really wish they were there, because I would like to see them. Reporter: As for kindergarten teacher jennifer simons her right arm crushed by the tornado. I don't think I'm a hero. It's what anybody would do. Reporter: A storm could steal her school, jennifer told us, not her spirit. She'll be back in the classroom next fall. Byron pitts, abc news, moore, oklahoma.

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